Dream Team

Meet the members of a dream team at Mobile-D Group!

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MSc Marseille – Android and iPhone Developer. Lead developer for a GEMALTO banking application on iPhone and Android. Security consultant for banking applications. Development of JnJ applications, R&D around NFC and Speech to Text. 10 years in mobile application development!

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MSC Paris – Project coordination, Mobile data management, Implementation of collaborative solutions, Mobile data project management, Business Intelligence solutions, Human Resources management.

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Full Stack Developer Project Manager – PHP frameworks Symfony2, Laravel, Angular, Javascript, Java. Specialist in back-offices and cross-platform applications.

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Bachelor in Design from Nantes. Designer specializing in Websites, Mobile Applications, User Experience Consultant.

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MSc Paris – Architect & Lead Developer. Expertise in Mobile Security, Software Project Management, Research and Development in Mobile Applications, Web Development, C/C++, Objective C, Java, Java ME, RIM API, PHP, JavaScript.

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